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The Wasteland

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Name:The Wasteland
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In 2004 when global tensions had escalated to the point of snapping, one final act of terrorism proved to be the catalyst for worldwide disaster. A mysterious group of bioterrorists unleashed on many of the world's major cities a weapon of fearful proportions-- one that caused sickness, mutilation, and death for millions. The bizarre mutations caused by these chemicals-- some fatal, some not-- left those who managed to survive with strange, painful conditions, conditions that made them dependent on blood or endowed with an entire secondary genetic code. Some, though still able to stand and walk, took on the appearance of mangled corpses, and seemed wholly devoid of any other signs of life save the need to devour.

Once this attack was launched, the fear and paranoia of the world's nations led to nearly indiscriminate attacks on suspected enemies, old rivals, scapegoats ... anyone they could reach. Cities were destroyed, governments collapsed, and millions of acres of farmland were contaminated with toxic chemicals.

That was then.

Now there are hardly any big cities in the United States that aren't overrun with the undead (or at least they look undead, and nobody's getting close enough to ask them). Internationally, although the bioterror outbreaks were mainly limited to cities like Paris and London (cities now avoided like the plague, no pun intended), many nations are either still at war or licking their wounds. People are grouping together, trying to make lives out of the mess the world's become. Chicago's a safer city than most-- there are areas that are almost completely zombie-free, though these are populated by gangs of the diseased and the radiation-stricken as well as those who just couldn't get out, or who escaped from places like New York or Boston. Your odds of getting electricity, edible food, and running water are pretty good; your odds of getting a peaceful night's sleep are somewhat less than that.

This may not seem like the best business environment for a club-- but hey, even vampires need to unwind every now and then. "The Wasteland," newly established by Gwen Russell (bitingmybullet), purports to be a safe haven for everyone, no matter what their mutation. (Except zombies. Zombies do not get in.) Given the number of different factions all vying for control of the city, this mission statement is being met with some skepticism.

Either way, it promises to be an interesting ride.

Hey! Welcome to The Wasteland, an original character RPG set in post-apocalyptic Chicago. Our OOC community is [community profile] goodnightladies








[Disclaimer: I, Merc, do not own TS Eliot's "The Waste Land," nor any of the lines/imagery contained therein. This game is just for fun, and makes me no money whatsoever.
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